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Shipwreck or Site Name: Marquette
Located Near: Penetanguishene

GPS Coordinates / Location Deg
Latitude/Longitude (Degrees): 44.911300 / -80.156860
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min Sec): 44 54 40.68 / -80 9 24.70
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min): 44 54.67800 / -80 9.41160

Minimum Depth: 7.62 metres / 25 feet
Maximum Depth: 10.668 metres / 35 feet

Long Description: Located by divers in late 1975, this formerly unidentified "Hope Island Wreck" is the 139`` 3" (41.8-metre) schooner, Marquette. Although pilfered of some of its artifacts (only one deadeye remains, on the bowsprit), this site offers excellent views and photography opportunities of two wooden-stocked bow anchors (with chains still connecting them to the windlass), a samson post, double framing, centreboard box, centreboard winch, main mast step, a capstan lying on its side in the sand inside the hull, hatch coaming, plank sheers, transom, transom wing, and a portion of the rudder.

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