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Shipwreck or Site Name: Kinghorn
Located Near: Rockport

GPS Coordinates / Location Deg
Latitude/Longitude (Degrees): 44.376620 / -75.931660
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min Sec): 44 22 35.83 / -75 55 53.98
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min): 44 22.59720 / -75 55.89960

Minimum Depth: 24.384 metres / 80 feet
Maximum Depth: 28.956 metres / 95 feet

Long Description: The King Horn (aka - The Rockport Wreck) is a nice easy wreck to dive. There is a mild current sometimes on the wreck. There is a plaque mounted by the wreck that reads as follows: "This two masted schooner, tentatively identified as the King Horn, is 136ft x 25ft and was refitted as a barge. it was in tow with a load of grain when it sank around 1897. When located, two bilge pumps were still sitting on the deck. These have been damaged by careless use of anchors!!! The bow anchor has been stolen. The Smart Foundry in Brockville manufactured the potbellied stove. The wheel has fallen over and was damaged when divers removed the handles from the wheel spokes. A rudder lies behind the ship``s stern with debris from the cabin. This plaque was erected by Save Ontario Shipwrecks, 1000 Islands Chapter, to remind all divers who visit the KING HORN that Ontario``s marine heritage is a resource worth conserving. DIVE TO ENJOY AND NOT TO DESTROY May 2001, Save Ontario Shipwrecks"

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