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Shipwreck or Site Name: Michigan
Located Near: Penetanguishene

GPS Coordinates / Location Deg
Latitude/Longitude (Degrees): 44.916110 / -80.204160
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min Sec): 44 54 58.00 / -80 12 14.98
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min): 44 54.96660 / -80 12.24960

Minimum Depth: 0 metres / 0 feet
Maximum Depth: 4.572 metres / 15 feet

Long Description: The Michigan was built in Bay City, Michigan in 1890 as a railroad car ferry. She was converted to a barge in 1924 with the removal of her engines. The 297 foot Michigan was engaged in removing the grain from the stranded Riverton at Hope Island in Nov 1943, when she was blown into the shallows by high winds. Today, the wreck lies in 5-20 feet of water with much machinery and metalwork to view. The key feature of the Michigan are the massive lifting winches and gears on her collapsed deck, the larger of these gears are over 10`` in diameter.

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