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Shipwreck or Site Name: Wawinet
Located Near:

GPS Coordinates / Location Deg
Latitude/Longitude (Degrees): 44.821670 / -79.092330
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min Sec): 44 49 18.01 / -79 5 32.39
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min): 44 49.30020 / -79 5.53980

Minimum Depth: 7.62 metres / 25 feet
Maximum Depth: 7.62 metres / 25 feet

Long Description: On September 21, 1942 the yacht Wawinet wrecked at the tip of Beausoleil Island becoming one of the most tragic accidents ever to have occured on Georgian Bay. The Wawinet was built in 1904 and owned by Bertrand Corbeau of Penetang who purchased her in 1938. On that fatal evening in September, Corbeau and a group of fellow employees from the Midland Foundry and Machine Company were returning home to Penetang when the Wawinet made a sudden turn. The vessel heeled until the lower windows were under water. The Wawinet filled and sank in two minutes. Forty-two passengers and crew were on board that evening and only 17 survived. Corbeau was not among the survivors. The wreck of the Wawinet lies at the tip of beausoleil in approximently 25 feet of water. These coordinates are currently incorrect.

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