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Shipwreck or Site Name: Southern Trail
Located Near: Toronto

GPS Coordinates / Location Deg
Latitude/Longitude (Degrees): 43.620930 / -79.326650
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min Sec): 43 37 15.35 / -79 19 35.94
Latitude/Longitude (Deg Min): 43 37.25580 / -79 19.59900

Minimum Depth: 10.668 metres / 35 feet
Maximum Depth: 10.668 metres / 35 feet

Long Description: The wreck sits upright in 35 feet of water with a slight list to port. The yacht was stripped and port holes / windows boarded up before it was scuttled. She is mostly intact. The stack has collapsed into the wheel house/bridge and the roof has floated off a bit to the port side. Near the bow the roof is still attached while at the stern it hangs over the side. The interior of the wreck has a lot of debris in the bedrooms and various storage rooms. There are 4 engines on board, 2 massive diesels 1 gas engine for heating and 1 for electricity. Two of the staterooms in the stern section have escape hatches. There is also a stairwell on the starboard side amidships that leads to the central hallway. Description and coordinates courtesy of

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